What’s the Benefit to Study the B.Sc. in Nursing

Nursing is a multidimensional profession that reflects the needs and values of society and strives to meet the health needs of individual and communities. Nursing is a caring art which involves the feelings, needs, and experiences of people under stress.

If you decide to become a nurse, you will get the opportunities to learn all the art of caring. When you have entered the course, you assign to provide support and assist people experiencing life crisis. You will be there, when babies are born and when old people die; you will be there, when an old man is too weak to feed himself, as a nurse you assist him   feed; you will be there, when a small boy cannot walk to look out of the window; you provide another way for him to move; or when a woman feels useless and unloved, as a nurse finds ways to fit her self-esteem. You will comfort and reassure as you immunize a child, you will teach, you will examine and you will aid. You will always be needed whenever human beings are ill or injured. You will stay beside them with love and care during the experience whether they recover or die. There is nothing more rewarding than patients’ smile, giving thanks and telling you how much you have done.

Moreover, B.Sc. in Nursing is a graduate degree under University which paves the way to sit for BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service Commission) examination also.

It helps to improve the standard of nursing service and brings it to the international level.

It gives an opportunity for the nursing work force to seek employment outside the country.

It offers assured opportunity for a decent and dignified living.

If you choose nursing, you will discover a career filled with personal and professional rewards and satisfaction.


Why study B.Sc. in Nursing at IMC

IMC is one of the pioneer’s private Medical Colleges in the country that got permission from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to run the B. Sc. in Nursing (BSN) program with the affiliation of Dhaka University. B. Sc. Nursing Unit was established in 2007 and was being run the program since 2008.

It offers BSN program of Dhaka University and runs some collaborative programs on BSN and MSN with Kean University, New Jersey, USA.

Efforts have already been taken at a collaboration agreement with Kean University, New Jersey, USA so that our students can get chance in taking admission to complete their post graduation at Kean University.

The students are participating in English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate course to develop the English skills run by the Educators of Kean University.

The students will get priority to do preparatory courses for international licensing exam like NCLEx and CGFNS conducted by Kean University educators.

The College program and curriculum are built on the essential elements and competencies of healthcare and its specialties.

Experienced and trained teaching staffs provide high quality interactive lecture material.

A comprehensive range of teaching and learning methods are used in the program.

Well-defined academic activities are carried out in congenial environment with spacious classrooms and lecture galleries.

Students can use the modern library with collection of a large number of textbooks, and scores of journals, and computer lab with internet facilities.

During internship training subsistence wage is given to the interns.

After completion of the course, there is job opportunity at IMCH.

Transport facilities are provided for both teachers and students to and from IMC&H.