Examination System                        

The regular final exam will be held twice in a year (January and July) under University of Dhaka in written, oral and practical form. A mid- term Examination is being held initially in the first term of each academic year by the International Health Technology Unit. This mid-term is considered as a pre-requisite for year final examination under the University.


Total Marks: 600 in each year

Pass marks: 50% marks in each subject individually in written, oral and practical examinations. The oral and practical exams are taken after written exam. An honors mark is awarded when students achieve 85% or more marks in a subject.

Students’ Eligibility to Appear in the Year Final (University) Examination:

A student will be eligible to appear in the Year Final Exam if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1.   Has undergone one year academic course in each subjects
  2.   Has attended no less than 80% of the minimum prescribed number of theory classes and Laboratory practice separately in each subjects of examination. 
  3.   Along with satisfactory certificate from the Principal, International Health Technology Unit
  4.   Has passed minimum 50% marks in the mid-term internal exam and in formative of each subject as specified in the curriculum and exam system.
  5.   Has paid the requisite amount of exam fees as decided

For appearing in the 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year course training, the student must pass the previous year Final exam and fulfill the above criteria.