I have great pleasure to welcome the admission seeking candidates into International Medical College (IMC). It is almost over 21 years since we conceived the bold idea of establishing a private medical college.
We were driven by a motivation to produce quality medical professionals to cater the needs of the health sector of the country. For this, we do not compromise with the quality of medical education. We believe that without proper education, we will not be able to build a strong healthcare system in Bangladesh. A sound medical education will undoubtedly facilitate a solid foundation of healthcare system in our country.
International Medical College Hospital (IMCH), the teaching hospital of IMC, is founded with a high ambition and a long-term vision. All types of medical facilities are available here that was hard to imagine to be available in this rural area in the past but we have made it possible which is extremely remarkable.
We impart not only world-class education to our graduates, but we also give them exposure to all kinds of medical amenities in IMCH. This experience lets them bring excellence in their practice. Their skills are sharpened in this way. We provide emphasis on skills that are blended with medical ethics and human attributes. So, we are simultaneously producing good doctors and good human beings which ensures the highest level of care in medical sector.
Online Education System is a unique feature of our educational facilities. That is why, our students’ endeavor of learning has been remained uninterrupted even in the devastating effect of Corona Pandemic.
We all are building a network with the sole aim of transforming the pathways of medical sector of our country in the right direction. A sense of ownership is infused in all the levels of our workforce. We are a team – from top to bottom of our organization – all the members of management, teachers, doctors, administrative staff and other employees are continuously giving their efforts with a holistic approach to bring our dreams into a successful reality.
I would like to appeal to all of you – Let’s work together for an excellent healthcare system not only in our beloved country but in the sub-continent as well.  Thank you very much.
M A Mubin Khan
Managing Director
International Medicare Limited