Awareness and Status of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine among Rural Female in Selected Villages of Gazipur District

Tetanus is a deadly disease which can be prevented by vaccination. This study looked into awareness and status regarding tetanus toxiod vaccine at community level, Gazipur. Principal investigator of this study is Dr. Humaira Nazneen, Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, International Medical College. This descriptive type of cross sectional study was done on 458 rural female of reproductive age at Sreepur, Gazipur from January to March, 2018. In the study 90% of the respondents had knowledge about Tetanus Toxoid immunization and only 77.2% were completely vaccinated. Unawareness about need for vaccination, misconception, lack of information and inconvenience are the main factors for not completing the vaccine. Their source of information was from health workers and mass media. So emphasis should be given more utilization of mass medium and gear up the activities of health workers to convey the correct massages regarding Tetanus Toxoid immunization to enhance women's knowledge as well as to increase the coverage of vaccination.